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Potential Names of TV Shows Taken from Every Other Word of the Preamble of the US Constitution, And on What Networks Those Shows Might Appear
by Michael Ward (11/4/2002)

Animals I Enjoy Imagining
by Felix Muhl (11/4/2002)

People Playing Scrabble in “The Merry Worzels Game Room” on
by Michael Rose (11/4/2002)

Bits of Conversation Overheard at My Neighborhood’s Swimming Pool
by Lauren Spisak (11/4/2002)

Several Books Left in My Apartment Building’s Laundry Room
by Vince Keenan (10/21/2002)

Major League Baseball Players and Their Injuries
by Seth Kolloen (10/21/2002)

Chocolate Molds Available from a Leisure World, in Toronto, Ontario
by Brandon Cunningham (10/21/2002)

Contents of the Useless Courier Bag I Took to This Job Interview Just to Avoid Being Empty-Handed
by Andrew Krucoff (10/15/2002)

Cable News Shows in Geometry Geek Heaven
by Michelle Orange (10/15/2002)

Memories from My Youth Involving My Best Friend, Glen Sanford
by Josh Michtom (10/15/2002)

Motivational Slogans Posted on the Walls of the Career Services Office at the Borough of Manhattan Community College
by Jules Lipoff (10/15/2002)

Actual Security Incidents at Queen’s University
by Neil Pasricha (10/15/2002)

Example Sentences from My Sixth-Grade Grammar Book
by Tim Bubar (9/23/2002)

Band Names Proposed by My Stepbrother Who Sometimes Believes He’s Peter Criss of Kiss
by Jon L. Fine (9/23/2002)

Names New Agers in Santa Fe, New Mexico Have Given Themselves
by Ranee Zaporski (9/23/2002)

Frequently Asked Questions at the Office
by Kurt Shriner (9/23/2002)

Stay A While: Articles in Back Issues of Parking Today
by Steve Delahoyde (9/23/2002)

Actual and Made-up Adages Used to Promote the Consumption of Pork
by Megan Peterson and Sarah Garb (9/16/2002)

Rejected Dialogue for the Chinese Psy-Ops Officer in Pork Chop Hill
by Greg Knauss (9/16/2002)

More Titles of Résumés Posted by Job-Seekers on a San Francisco-Area Website
by Tony Cross (9/16/2002)

Actual Entries from the Scots Dialect Dictionary
by John McMurtrie (9/16/2002)

Things I Learned about My Spanish Teacher During Intensive Lessons in Which We Can Only Speak in Spanish
by Matthew Johnson (9/16/2002)

Online Reviews of the Shockwave Bowling Game
by Shawn Bruce (9/9/2002)

Mnemonic Devices to Help You Remember How to Spell “Mnemonic Devices.”
by Rick Larsen (9/9/2002)

Shakespearean Character or Prescription Drug Not Covered By My Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan?
by Michael Ward (9/9/2002)

Everything I Need to Known I Learned from Spam
by Julie Landry (9/3/2002)

All of Chewbacca’s Dialogue in the Comic Book Version of The Empire Strikes Back
by Brian McMullen (9/3/2002)

Crayola Crayons Included in Its New Hollywood Box
by Josh Abraham (9/3/2002)

Bored, I Search Google for “Luke Is.”
by Luke Rosa (9/3/2002)

Actual Soap Opera Recaps, 1996-2002
by Liza Daly (9/3/2002)

Vocabulary Words We Learned by Playing Dungeons & Dragons
by Marc Newman and Pat Hall (9/3/2002)

Military Acronyms That Are Also Men’s Names
by Laura Golembieweski (8/12/2002)

Things NYC Cabdrivers Yelled at Me While I Crossed the Street
by Jeff Hurlock (8/12/2002)

Papa Was a Rolling Stone
by Donald Illich (8/12/2002)

Names I’ve Been Called as a Little League Umpire
by Aaron Hotfelder (8/12/2002)

Local TV Weatherman or Porn Actor?
by Chris Strauss (8/12/2002)

Scientific Journals Available Electronically at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
by Dorothy Gambrell (8/5/2002)

Lessons Learned from My Study of Literature
by Sean Carman (8/5/2002)

Terms Used in an Office-Supply Catalog to Describe Placements of Tabs on Manila File Folders That Could Also Describe Political Ideologies or Sexual Preferences
by Stephanie McNutt (8/5/2002)

Films about Tough Jews
by Adam Weitz (8/5/2002)

Actual Responses by My Fourteen-Year-Old Japanese Students to the Prompts “In the Future, I Want to Be…” and “Because…”
by Brook Crawley (8/5/2002)

Review Headings of New York City’s Bliss Spa
by Gloria Fallon (7/29/2002)

The Graffiti of Minneapolis
by Keith Pille (7/29/2002)

Women with Whom Klaus Kinski Has Had Sex, According to His Autobiography, Klaus Kinski: I Need Love, in Order of Mention
by Jacob Jost (7/29/2002)

Actually Heard on the New York City Subway/Never Heard on the New York City Subway
by John Parsley (7/29/2002)

Businesses in Sydney, Australia Beginning with Mr. or Mister
by Marko Mustac (7/22/2002)

Partial List of Items That Cannot Be Legally Mailed to Canada from Other Countries
by Chad Stevens (7/22/2002)

Things My Friend Fabio Said Recently
by Jocelyn Carscallen (7/22/2002)

Subject Lines from Co-Workers’ Goodbye Messages after Getting Laid Off Recently
by Stacey Herron (7/22/2002)

Actual Items Described in Published Articles as Being “the Toughest Nut” or “the Toughest Nut to Crack.”
by Amy O'Leary (7/22/2002)

Contents of Stockton, California’s Sesquicentennial Time Capsule
by Patrick Haddick (7/15/2002)

The Latest in Fake Meat Products
by Danielle Hess and Mickey Hess (7/15/2002)

Actual Misspellings of My Name by the Chinese Restaurant I Call for Pick-Up
by Cody Clarke (7/15/2002)

Questions Recently Answered on Yahoo!’s “Ask the Doctor” Website
by Victoria Owens (7/15/2002)

Papers Appearing in Science Magazine’s “Reflections on Self” Issue
by Jennifer Frazier (7/15/2002)

Terrible Fake Names
by Claire Zulkey (7/8/2002)

FTD Floral Arrangements Available to Express One’s Sympathy
by Sally Sax (7/8/2002)

Not Very Scary Movies
by Joshua Watson (7/8/2002)

Prom Themes Suggested Instead of “Under the Sea” When My Best Friend Told Me to “Think Outside the Box, Woman!”
by Amy O'Leary (7/8/2002)

Lines from the Unabomber’s Manifesto or Roxy Music’s “Manifesto”?
by Luke Rosa (7/8/2002)

Actual Brands of the Coca-Cola Company
by John Moe (7/1/2002)

Items Received during the Last Eleven Months at a Northern California Food Bank
by Bill Richter (7/1/2002)

Almost Rhymes With Orange
by Dan Kennedy (7/1/2002)

Third Quarter Employee Accident/Injury Report
by Rick Larsen (6/24/2002)

Appalled in Albuquerque: Recent Uses of “Appalled” in Letters to the Weekly Alibi, Albuquerque’s Weekly Newspaper
by Noah Masterson (6/24/2002)

Final Sentences of Essays I Wrote in College
by Brian McMullen (6/24/2002)

Keywords That Recently Directed Google Users to My Website
by Wes Ferguson (6/24/2002)

Selected Words from a Chinese-English Dictionary Published in the People’s Republic of China And the Sentences Used to Illustrate Their Meanings
by David Jaggard (6/16/2002)

The Wrong Mantras
by Dan Kennedy (6/16/2002)

Pre-1900 American Political Party or Music Group?
by Trey Kazee (6/16/2002)

I Am a Big Fan of the Following Westerns, and No, They Aren’t Porn
by Ross Barnes (6/10/2002)

Words Overheard in an Amtrak Dining Car Bound for Seattle
by Jonathan Fine (6/10/2002)

Actual Titles of Stephen Dixon Short Stories Used As Ice Breakers to Mixed Results (Punctuation Mine)
by Edward Weinstein (6/10/2002)

Actual Headlines from the March InStyle Magazine
by Claire Zulkey (6/10/2002)

Nicknames for Some of My Coworkers
by Lauren Spisak (6/10/2002)

Titling Movies
by Scott Southwick (6/10/2002)

Actual Names Entered into the Electronic Scorekeeper at Clover Lakes Bowling Alley, in Rochester, New York
by Cole Louison (6/3/2002)

International Equivalents: Cake Hole
by Aaron Stoker-Ring (6/3/2002)

Keywords to the New Home Page of the MIT Media Lab
by Sam Potts (6/3/2002)

Shoe-Lacing Methods
by Shane Wilson (6/3/2002)

Signatures Available from Print Shop’s Certificate Maker Program
by Megan Peterson and Sarah Garb (6/3/2002)

Suggestions from Baedeker’s 1878 Traveller’s Manual of Conversation
by John McMurtrie (5/27/2002)

Questions Most Frequently Asked by Bookstore Customers
by Kera Yonker (5/27/2002)

Potential Names for Christian Rock Bands Taken from Lines in Emily Dickinson’s Poems
by E.B. Dubreuil (5/27/2002)

Selected Speeches on the Theme of “Perfect Day,” as Summarized in the British Airways Japanese Speech Contest for Schools Program
by Greg Pallis (5/27/2002)

Music Industry Trends Not Yet Overexposed
by John Moe (5/27/2002)

Hardy Boys Novel or Death Metal Album?
by David Epstein (5/20/2002)

Signs on the Lawns of People Whose Lawns You May Want to Avoid
by Jon Crawford and Rich Michaels (5/20/2002)

Names Of Contestants in the Nashville Sunrise Assisted-Living Minnie Pearle Look-Alike Contest, Including How Each Contestant Fared
by Martin Schneider (5/20/2002)

Actual Books Probably Still for Sale on the One-Dollar Carts at the Strand Bookstore in New York City
by Ian Etra (5/20/2002)

Ways In Which the Midwest Express In-Flight Catalog Describes Shirts That Won’t Wrinkle
by Jules Lipoff (5/20/2002)

Actual Names for Quadruple Espresso Drinks Used by Locally Owned Coffee Shops
by Aaron Dallas (5/13/2002)

Genomes Other than Homo Sapiens Sequenced by the Institute for Genomic Research, in Rockville, Maryland
by Jennifer Frazier (5/13/2002)

Dialogue Spoken by Al Pacino During Pre-Production Character Development Exercises for Scent of a Woman
by Sean Carman (5/13/2002)

My Plans
by Arkadi Gerney (5/13/2002)

Rejected First Lines for My Personal Ad
by Aaron Lester (5/13/2002)

Bad Names for Boats
by Jim Ruland (5/6/2002)

Overheard at the Fall 2001 Microprocessing Development Conference, in San Jose, California
by Sarah Schmelling (5/6/2002)

Featured Menu Items at the Existentialist’s Café
by Elizabeth Miller (5/6/2002)

A Mint for All Occasions
by Robert Joe (5/6/2002)

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