1. Briefly

2. Faintly

3. Infrequently

4. Nutshelled

5. Elevator-pitched

6. Sans detail

7. Without gusto

8. From inside Earth’s inner core

9. As we’re both sprinting in opposite directions

10. Expressed through Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance)

11. While gargling a liter of Belgian lambic

12. While friends prop up my limp body Weekend at Bernie’s-style

13. Spoken through the vents above the crawlspace I’m hiding in

14. Via Skype, on a laptop that’s not online

15. Perched high in the tree I’m currently chainsawing

16. Whispered from across the room at a Merzbow show

17. Through a muzzle while being wheeled around Hannibal Lecter-style

18. Bedside at the hospital as I’m recovering from ear-removal surgery

19. Using a voice modulator that sounds like Jennifer Tilly

20. Never-ish