Die 6

Hard Seven


The Die and the Hard

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Die Hard Again Another Day

Die Hard in Hell

All McClanes Go to Heaven

John McClane

Holly Gennaro

Holly Gennaro 2: Holly Harder

Old Man McClane

Johnny Die Hard

Once Upon a Time We Lived Free and Died Hard, But Those Days Are Over and Now All We Have Are the Memories and They Don’t Even Feel Real Anymore

Mister Cowboy

Dr. Die Hard

You Only Die Twice

Live and Let Harden


Dies Wide Hard

A Streethard Named Die

A Die Hard on Elm Street

Simon Says

Simon Says Get Hard

Good. Now Die

(Cackles) I Didn’t Say “Simon Says”

Simon Says Die with a Hard-On

D Nine

H10: H One Oh


Ode to Joy

Die Hard into Irrelevance

Die Hard into Obscurity

Die Hard into Nothingness

Die Hard into Old Age and Then You Die

Sometimes I Wake Up and Have a Panic Attack Because I Remember That One Day I’m Going to Die Hard

It’s Really Fucking Hard When Someone You Love Dies

It’s a Good Day to Live Free Because You Can Always Die Hard with a Vengeance Later

Hard’s Just a State of Mind. Die Is Forever

All We Have Is Hard

Die Hard Faster

Die Hard Stronger

Okay, Bruce, I Know You’re Not Having a Great Day, But on This Next Take Could You Please Just Die Hard with, I Don’t Know, a Little More Enthusiasm? I Mean, You’re an Actor, Right? Do Me a Favor — Act Like You Want to Be Here. Act Like You Want to Be on This Set Right Now. Just Give Me Something We Can Use. Give Me Anything. This Is a Die Hard Flick. It’s a Die Hard Flick and You Are NOT Dying Your Hardest. Please… Die Harder

Goddamn It, Bruce!





Die Hard


Die x Hard

John McClane vs. Die Hard

John Dies

Die vs. Hard

This Is It: The Ultimate Showdown — Die Locked in Battle with Hard for All of Eternity

The Scales Have Tipped in Die’s Favor

A Little More Hard and a Little Less Die to Balance It Out

But Not Too Much Hard

The Two Forces, Die and Hard, Must Always Be Equal

Die Kills Hard

Die Wins

Die Always Wins