The thinking man’s defense mechanism. Extreme privilege masked as philosophy aiding free exploration of art; often invoked in order to, for instance, marry your children’s adopted teenage sister.
Ex: “The director’s goal in the quirky film wasn’t to moralize anyone’s behavior, but rather to treat it as a study in amoralism so he could excuse everyone’s behavior, especially the pedophile because that’s just good art.”

Boys’ Club
Hostile work environment with corrupt or no HR.
Ex: “Before the interview, her prospective male boss emailed to let her know the agency was ‘a bit of a boys’ club’ and ‘not a good environment for anyone who’s easily offended.’”

Of or like Lord Byron, who was a domestic abuser, sexual predator, and generally terrible person. Abandoned-his-love-child-at-a-school-with-awful-conditions-against-wishes-of-child’s-mother-and-then-child-died terrible.
Ex: “The young male writer relished it when people called him Byronic.”

Bought a 12-year-old sex slave in 1765 St. Petersburg; serial pedophile of girls as young as 9.
Ex: “Roy is a real Casanova.”

Definitely not a way one would describe an instance of consensual sex.
Ex: “Kevin rose from bed and congratulated himself on another conquest.”

Date rape
Ex: “For some reason, the news reported it as date rape.”

Don Juan
Fictional serial rapist who kills the father of one of his victims.
Ex: “Donald is a real Don Juan.”

Free love
Despite progressive ideals and ties to 18th and 19th-century feminists, was conceived during an era before reliable prophylactics, widespread female economic independence, or better understanding of consent, and therefore is most easily described as unethical nonmonogamy.
Ex: “19th century participants in the free love movement include Lord Byron.”

Ladies man
Ex: “Ben is a real ladies man.”

Predator, particularly of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century Britain and France.
Ex: “Byron was a real libertine.”

Fictional character who participates in a husband’s psychological abuse of his wife.
Ex: “Johnny is a real Lothario.”

Predator and likely psychological abuser.
Ex: “Matt is a real player.”

An institution initially between husband and wife wherein wife beating was not illegal in all U.S. states until 1920, and marital rape was not legally recognized in all U.S. states until 1993; historically often forced upon women.
Ex: “Henry VIII enjoyed many marriages.”

Wherein “skirt” is a dehumanizing synecdoche for “woman,” harasser of women.
Ex: “Louis is a real skirt-chaser.”

Sowing wild oats
Potentially impregnating women, often of lower social stature, during a time before reliable prophylactics or STD treatments; being an absent father.
Ex: “The protagonist knew that after he was done sowing his wild oats, he would come back and marry his sweetheart and they would live happily ever after with no problems the end.”

“Harvey is a real womanizer.”