There once was a fuckin’ Nahwegian
N’ this guy he ‘ssembled a whole legion
N’ aftah they set the fuckin’ thing afloat
Those guys got all their asses in a boat
N’ left behind their native home region.

N’ so these guys they sailed down tah Ireland
N’ I got no idea what the fuck it was they planned
But the Rivah Shannon must’ah given ‘em a hahd-on
‘Cause next thing yah know the locals ahr fuckin’ all gone
N’ now these fahreign bastahds they’re tryin’ real hahd tah expand.

So they set ‘bout buildin’ a fuckin’ longpohrt
N’ next thing yah know they’re prahceedin’ tah extohrt
The poohr fuckin’ Irish fah their crops n’ shit
Which don’t make ‘em happy one fuckin’ bit
But by then those guys don’t got no othah means tah retohrt.

So now this Viking longpohrt gets known as Limerick
N’ it’s the sohrt’ah place where everyone’s a fuckin’ prick
N’ all the Nahwegians they got a chip on their shouldah
Which makes ‘em all just that much mohr boldah
N’ so they set their sights on Dublin fah one mohr fight tah pick.

But Dublin’s a lot fuckin’ strongah
N’ it’s been ‘round quite a bit longah
N’ so it’s a wicked rough match
N’ those Limerick guys they get fuckin’ smashed
But I don’t wannah keep goin’ ah I’ll fuckin’ prahlong yah.

Basic’lly the Nahwegians they all just settle down tah fahm
N’ wohrk on improvin’ their tehrible fuckin’ chahm
N’ they themselves slowly become Irish
Which this time’ah year is real wicked stylish
So now go drink yah bee’ah befohr it gets wa’hrm!