Whip is determined to consummate his marriage to Brooke.

After pulling off Peggy’s mask, Timmy is stunned to see she is really Julian, not Norma.

Luke is convinced Helena is hiding out at a convent.

Realizing that Rolf put the death simulation potion in the baptismal font, Lexie rushes in and knocks over the font.

Natalie is puzzled when Viki (Niki) said she likes having Rex around. Later, Niki (Viki) tells Ben, who likes Rex, that she cannot stand Rex. Niki (Viki) lies to Bo about Ben having bouts of uncontrollable anger. Al hates Roxy.

Brandon and Jennifer and Colin and Nicole end up at the same creepy inn.

Julian saves Timmy and his dog Toto when a fire breaks out in the restaurant.

Alison confides to Lucy how she and Rafe married each other in a homemade ceremony at the barn.

Sharon and Cassie have fun making cookies.

Caitlin is shocked to find Sister Beatrice at her door.

Grant insists that there is something troubling about the photographer.

Trevor accosts Janet as she begins to dig up Jonathan’s grave.

Sarah dejectedly washes off her make-over makeup.

A gloating Todd informs Carlo that his vengeful bride is threatening to reveal proof that the mobster is also Poseidon.

Vivian and Ivan arrive at the hospital to treat an eye injury Vivian received from a flying champagne cork.

Tanner admits to Hayley that he fabricated the whole story about a cattle baron father who died heroically years ago.

Sofia is puzzled when Nick places a strange take-out order at Carlino’s.

Laura yells into her earrings that she will see Stefano destroyed.

At the hunting lodge, Bianca tells a troubled Dmitri she would like to vanish completely from the face of the planet.

Felicia realizes that she must have been interacting with the imposter for several weeks.

Buoyed by his second secret injection, Frank again begins to demand to be released from the hospital.

When the witch woman just laughs in her face, a frustrated Virginia looks elsewhere for a way to determine whose skin sample she’s holding.

Down in Hell’s waiting room, Dorian attempts to convince Carlo that she deserves a second chance at life.

Austin daydreams of being a boxer again.

Struck by another frightening flash of the future, Mateo forbids Hayley to get a tattoo.

As a grieving Rachel works on a clay bust of Carl, Amanda admits how she was taken in by Cameron.

Vivian’s mood changes and as she enters the ambulance to go to the hospital, she starts singing.

Kit becomes hysterical when Ryan tries to help her on with her coat.

After calming her down from her argument with Stephanie, Ridge asks Brooke why she’s not wearing her clothes again.

En route to New York, Todd is startled by visits from “Tom”, “Rod,” and — inevitably — “Pete.”

Meanwhile, as he plants passionate kisses on Vicky’s face and neck, Grant pants his desire to his startled ex.

Lucas calls for a helicopter to fly them to the state capitol because they can’t stand to be in a limo together that long.

As she complains, Stephanie suddenly stops talking and breathing.

Bette explains to an exasperated Jude why it would be foolish to expect an honest day’s work from her notoriously slothful niece.

Still trapped in the castle, Hope senses Bo and Shawn are in terrible danger.

Macy is caught breathless when Thorne kisses her over and over again at the beach house.

Eve begins downing kamikazes as Ian describes how he decked Dr. Boardman.

Bearing a bag full of groceries, Tim greets Morgan and compliments her on her revealing black dress.

Fighting to resist the programming, Lucky tries to escape but is nabbed by one of Helena’s goons.

Still out in Brady’s new car, Chloe removes her glasses and deliberately breaks them.

Kay and Miguel are grabbed by the undead in a cemetery.