Luke is a feisty, talented thirteen-year-old from small town Georgia.

Luke is love.

Luke is now free to chase butterflies and play with his friends.

Luke is also a critically acclaimed novelist.

Luke is located in the Plaza 300 N. building.

Luke is the coolest cowboy in town – in fact make that Europe.

Luke is a healthy adult male that would love to be an indoor dog.

Luke is easily accessible.

Luke is still in the process of maturing.

Luke is lucky, it’s just one leg, the rest is fine.

Luke is the goodwill ambassador for reverse psychology.

Luke is passing beyond the realm of safety and pushing the limits of songwriting.

Luke is reminded at every turn of his humble beginnings as a “townie” by his well-heeled classmates.

Luke is the green movement’s deep technophile.

A war hero, Luke is sentenced to two years in prison for cutting the heads off parking meters.

This is crap because Luke is actually gay.

Luke is an articulated 12" figure wearing a realistically styled poncho, helmet, and clothing underneath.

It’s more then obvious Luke is the son of Plastic Man.

Luke is the companion of Michelle, who is hoping Luke will balance the ball on his nose so she can move to the Bahamas.

Luke is the oldest and the least important employee of a dismal company that imports cloth.

Luke is working very hard toward his Black Belt.

Luke is back home.