November 18, 2079

Hey Everyone,

I know we’re all still sad about MeeMaw. But I thought this might help a bit. MeeMaw was 12 during the great recession of 2008 and she left me with some of her favorite family recipes that she hasn’t ever shared with anyone else. When she passed away, I knew I should send them to the family. Many of the notes she made on her iPhone (which she refused to give up. True Millennial! Real piece of history) and I’ve kept them with the recipes.

Love you guys—enjoy these secrets. Please don’t share outside of the family. These are really special.


- - -

MeeMaw’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Google “Best chocolate chip cookies gooey middle walnuts oatmeal”

- - -

Great Grammy Alice’s Special Clam Chowder

Go on and search “Clam chowder low salt add carrots no potato”

Note from MeeMaw: “This shyt is tasty AF. Not healthy tho—def not vegan. Don’t eat b4 wearing bandage dress.”

- - -

Bianca’s Chicken Surprise

Google “Slow cooker recipes Martha Stewart chicken easy for kids cheese no capers no green stuff”

- - -

Sadie’s Smoothie

Google “Healthy smoothie hangover no eggs chocolate no vegetables”

Note from MeeMaw: “Smoke a fat J before eating this. SO much easier to get down ¯\(ツ)/¯ ”

- - -

Olivia’s (MeeMaw’s Sister) Avocado Toast

Go to Search “Avo toast goat cheese good for mornings, filling”

- - -

Brian’s Downer Sunday Mornings (BDSM)

Go to Search “Cream cheese brownie fudgy add frosting weed marshmallows coconut graham crackers gooey no nuts”

Note from MeeMaw: “This shyt will get you fucked up. #lit”

Note from Julie: "Whole Foods Weed Butter is great for this!”

- - -

Aunt Beatrice’s Secret Birthday Cake
(made for Uncle Jimmy’s Birthdays!)

Get Fun-fetti mix from the store. Google: “make cake mix moist no eggs”

- - -

MeeMaw’s Chili

Google “Chili w/ white beans kidney beans no meat spicy no pepper”

Note from MeeMaw: “Not good for Netflix & chill.”

- - -

Great Aunt Jenny’s Perfecto Cashew Chicken

Google “Breakup food Low-Fat Chicken for one still good with sauce”

Note from MeeMaw: “He’s a piece of SHYT. DOUBLE THIS RECIPE.”