1. Check this place out, it’s dope

2. Technology solves problems 🤩 (future good)

3. Technology creates problems 😕 (future bad)

4. A world much like our own where some subtle differences highlight humanity/reality/society/perception

5. What if your cock was a bomb?

6. Rockets are not phallic, please stop saying that

7. Here is why religion is bad

8. Homestuck

9. Four thousand pages on the adventures of Prentiss Plum, a space pirate, scientist, and award-winning Virgo

10. Winking parody that doubles down on sexbots

11. Cory Doctorow’s most recent night terror

12. “Me am play god”

13. Tracy Chapman’s A New Beginning

14. A list of legally non-binding patents disguised as a narrative

15. There is a secret number and it’s pissed

16. The Strugatsky brothers do not like Stalin

17. Star Trek, but they smash

18. Time, considered as a helix of semiprecious stoners

19. It is 1860, let us go to the Moon

20. Basically Mein Kampf

21. Bomb Cock 2: Mutually Assured Destruction

22. The franchise equivalent of findom

23. A power fantasy that focuses on maintaining the status quo (Supercop)

24. Your happiness, as a commodity

25. Margaret Atwood, sharing with us her gift of prophecy

26. Science monster

27. An alien who’s just really nice with it

28. Young adult

29. Hung adult

30. Fear & Loathing in Arcturus

31. Ansible only good for sexting

32. Apocalyptic

33. Apocalypso

34. Post-apocalypso

35. Post-scarcity

36. Multi-planetary

37. Suckpull

38. A thought experiment, taken literally

39. Multiversal polycule

40. An obvious yet powerful allegory

41. David Cronenberg has something to show you

42. The Turing Test, but sexy

43. 1980s pop culture as understood by Dan Quayle

44. I Have No Friends and I Must Infodump (narrative tension is a sin)

45. A plot that should have stayed in the fanfic

46. A fun twist on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

47. Oops! The author got high and watched Akira

48. One where you can’t tell whether the optimism is naïve or revolutionary

49. Bomb Cock 3: World War Chindo

50. Secretly just a treatise on economics