You might not want to change your carburetor, because it’s very hard to do. To change the carburetor, you need to get under the car; this is difficult, and not worth it.

There is no reason to change your carburetor; carburetors are not important. (Fig. 1) Your car will probably run fine with the carburetor the way it is. In fact, your car may not even have a carburetor.

To Find the Carburetor

The carburetor is somewhere in or on the metal parts of the car. Look under the hood or underneath the car. The carburetor is usually made of metal.

Once You Find the Carburetor

Once you find the carburetor, you need to take it off or out. The carburetor will be very much attached to the car. It will be almost impossible to get the carburetor to detach from the car. Removing it will require tools and various unscrewing and twisting maneuvers using tools and both the right and left hands.

Upon removal of the carburetor, you should put the carburetor somewhere. You will notice that after you have removed the carburetor there will be a space where the carburetor formerly was. This is the space where you will put a new carburetor.

Obtaining the New Carburetor

You may want to put a new carburetor in the space that has been made available by the removal of the old carburetor.

New carburetors can be sought out at a variety of car places, places that sell car parts, and places that have car parts. It is unlikely, however, that you will be able to find a carburetor at a car place or anywhere else.

Installing the New Carburetor

It is not advisable to replace the old carburetor with a part such as you might find at one of these car places. In fact, it is dangerous, and impossible. You should avoid doing it. (Fig. 2) To install the new carburetor, find the spot where there used to be a carburetor. If your car did not have or need a carburetor, you may omit this step.

The tools required to install the new carburetor are the same as those used to remove the old one. Be sure you have all of them. Line them up in order and maneuver them in a sensible way until the new carburetor is attached to the car.


Chances are, if you are having trouble with your carburetor, it is a problem with your mind or with other parts of the car. The carburetor itself is not a troublesome part of the car. In fact, it is not usually part of the car at all.