House of Boring Dialogue

House of Chinese Melodrama

House of Attempted Date Rape

House of Futons

House of Mostly Implied Fight Sequences

House of Disinterested Kissing

House of Maybe “Crouching Tiger” Wasn’t So Bad After All

House of Possibly Filmed in Vancouver

House of Ancient China Blows

House of Whoop-de-Shit, More Bamboo

House of Holy Crap, the Seasons Just Changed Suddenly From Fall to Winter

During a Single Dull Swordfight Over the Honor of a Dead Woman That Both Men Tried to Ravish

House of There’s a Character Named Leo in This

House of I Should Have Rented “Hero”

House of the Reason I Should Have Rented “Hero” Is Because All the Cool Fight Scenes I Thought Were in This I’m Now Pretty Sure Are in That