Comparative Local Weather

Intro to the Fact That the Electricity Does Not Go Out in Manhattan Each Time it Rains

Quant Analysis of Hail Size (Volume as a Function of Hypothetical Sports Balls)

History Discussion Seminar: We Will Get Their Weather, Just Wait Three Days

Philosophy: What Happened to Spring? (course now cross-listed with Poetry Department under: “And Now It’s Like 80 Degrees Already”)

Advanced Seminar: Rain Really Does Not Make Power Go Out in New York City So Please Stop Asking

The Sociological Irrelevance of Tornado Warnings 2400 Miles Away

Big Data & You: Flight Cancelation Probabilities in Relation to “Huge Storms” Mom Just Heard About

International Relations: Foreign Countries are Inhabitable Even If They Once Experienced a Tsunami

Masters Thesis: It Doesn’t Matter What Goddamn Brian Williams Said; Rain Does Not Result in “Downed Power Lines” in Midtown and We Do Not Need to Have Flashlights Ready

Biology: No One is Getting Pregnant Anytime Soon