Extra napkins please!

Please call when you arrive, the buzzer is broken.

Please place the fries and onion rings in one container.

No ketchup packets necessary.

Please include extra ketchup packets you forgot them last time.

Please fold both pizzas over on each other and place them side by side in the same box.

Please include three extra empty pizza boxes, I am willing to pay extra.

Please do not cook the chicken.

Please do not deliver this food.

Please announce your arrival using the fireworks left on the stoop, the buzzer is broken.

Please write me a love note on the box.

Please write me a regular note on the box.

Please write anything that proves I am alive on the box.

I live on the 4th floor, the landing of each floor contains a challenge that will test you to your very core, if you make it here alive, your reward will be beyond measure.

Believe in yourself.

Please knock on the door of apartment 3D and inform the woman who answers the door that this food is not for her and then describe her reaction to me.

Please take the food to midtown first.

Please show the box to a police horse.

Please include extra.

Please arrive on that SAME police horse.

Please do not arrive on a police horse.

Describe to me the shining of the sun.