Dear Miramax Home Video,

During a recent viewing of one of your home video selections, we were happily surprised to see a courteous message appear upon the screen in the moments preceding the feature presentation. We were informed that the movie we were about to enjoy (and enjoy it we did!) had been altered-indeed, it had been formatted to fit our screen!

You can imagine our astonishment when we came to learn that a movie was about to conform to the dimensions of our personal television set. Technologically this is a marvel, let alone the broad leaps taken by your company to treat each and every customer with individualized attention. We were overwhelmed.

We wish to thank you, Miramax Home Video, from the very bottom of our hearts. Our screens have been blessed with the selfless and ingenious masterpiece of your design. And to think. what screen would it have fit if it didn’t fit ours? It certainly would have been troublesome to format our screen to fit your movie, and expensive, too.

We thought your service to be a perfect fit.


Ben and Jill Rogers
Reno, NV