1. The reference to a reactor leak during a battle scene in Master and Commander.

2. Using the phrase “Homey don’t play that” when slaying the emperor in Gladiator.

3. In A Beautiful Mind, Jon Nash is shown developing a model for game theory by drawing on a window dressed in Jams and wigwams.

4. In The Insider, Sherman and Mr. Peabody travel back in time to warn the tobacco industry about Jeffrey Wigand’s meeting with a 60 Minutes producer. This leads to the extended confidentiality agreement depicted in the film.

5. Virtuosity.

6. In L.A. Confidential, Crowe’s tough guy, Bud White, goes into a blinding rage once he finds out the Paris Hilton tape has been released to the public by Rollo Tomasi.

7. The Quick and the Dead has no anachronisms per se… but every time you see Leonardo DiCaprio, you think of Titanic.