For every question you answer “YES” to, add one point to your total.

1. Does the grind of your job knock you down (physically or emotionally) day after day?

2. Will you rush towards any opening you see, no matter how small or inopportune?

3. Do you work on Sundays?

4. Have you ever sustained head trauma from either (a) 350-pound defensive linemen or (b) dropping your phone on your face while laying in bed during a “15-minute break”?

5. Do you ever get frustrated at co-workers who consistently “drop the ball” and/or are you ever forced to work “overtime" without additional pay?

6. Do you ever think, “After this, I should work in media”?

7. Are you often expected to completely change directions at the last possible moment without compromising on the quality of your work?

8. Will you, in all likelihood, never be inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH?

9. Have you a signed a contract that gives your employer absolute power over you, ensuring they can cut ties with you at any time without notice as they make 5x – 100x your salary off the back of your labor?

10. Do you suspect your job is slowly killing you?


0-9 Points: Congrats! Your life sounds stable and delightful. Never change!

10 Points: I’m so so sorry.