At True2U, we believe all bodies are beach bodies. Our company stands for female empowerment. We want our customers to feel confident in their own skin, which is why we pledge never to use photo-editing tools to alter the appearances of the women on our site. Instead, we embrace authenticity by hiring only ninety-pound models whose incomparable perfection and lack of several vital organs mean their photos will require zero retouching.

Our mission is to set new standards in the fashion industry. That’s why we’re now carrying sizes ranging from 0 to 40. We are thrilled to offer swimsuits for all women, not just those who fit the limited sizing options of other apparel companies. And by showcasing our swimwear on women whose smooth skin was obtained via baby-seal skin grafts, we can keep our promise of banning digital distortion.

We want our customers to feel confident when shopping online and to know how important it is to see our swimwear on real, unretouched women. These women may not look exactly like you, but we can guarantee that they will be unfiltered, professional models who’ve had a couple of ribs removed in order to fit into child-sized clothing.

Other brands use unscrupulous editing apps like Photoshop to manipulate the true appearance of the women on their websites, a practice that perpetuates impossible beauty standards. But True2U is different: we perpetuate impossible beauty standards by exclusively hiring plastic mannequins brought to life by wizards. We value inclusivity and encourage our models to showcase their flaws, just as long as those flaws are perceptible only with a NASA-issued microscope.

Look, we get it. Swimsuit brands have been responsible for the messed-up body images and eating disorders of an entire generation. Our customers are fed up with photo alterations, and they’re demanding change. And because of our near-paralyzing fear of losing market share, your input has inspired us.

We want you to know that we hear you. We’re listening. And we’ve made a real commitment to change, while also making as little meaningful change as possible.

So instead of relying on airbrushing, our models obtain beauty through realistic methods that any woman can achieve: a healthy diet, exercise, implants, juice cleanses, Brazilian butt lifts, tapeworm diets, anal bleaching, and a partnership with the makeup artist who transformed John Travolta into a woman for the film adaptation of Hairspray. By changing our policies on photo-editing, we hope that real women everywhere will start to embrace their own beauty.

Because at the end of the day, we value #authenticity and believe women should appear exactly the way nature intended 0.001 percent of them to appear.