Attendees: 12,000+

Total gallons of coffee consumed: 4,250

Total alcoholic beverages consumed: N/A

Booths at book fair: 819

Presenters: 2,016

Thursday events, panels, and readings: 336

Friday events, panels, and readings: 344

Saturday events, panels, and readings: 321

Number of panels and readings I wanted to attend: 14

Number of panels I attended: 3

Number of panels I attended hungover: 3

Number of panels I wish I didn’t attend: 2

Number of pins on name badge: 15

Number of times asked, “Are you a writer?”: 23

Number of times answered “No”: 10

Number of times answered “Yes”: 13

Personal heroes encountered on book fair floor: 4

Personal heroes encountered then accosted on book fair floor via hug: 2

Selfies: 32

Hours slept: 18

Tweets about introverts being forced to be extroverts: 102

Visits to Emily Dickinson Quiet Space: 1

Times I needed visits to Emily Dickinson Quiet Space: 7

Number of times I wanted to strangle MFA students: 12

Number of times I wanted to strangle myself for being an MFA student: 4

Number of sexual fantasies about personal heroes accosted on book fair floor: 2

Number of times asked to join newsletters: 8

Number of newsletters joined: 8

Cards brought: 100

Cards given out: 11

Cards from writers I said I’d follow up with: 9

Writers I plan to follow up with: 4

Writers I will actually follow up with: 2

Money spent on books, et al.: $122.82

Pounds over luggage weight limit: 2.89

Times I repacked luggage to meet weight requirement: 2

Missed flights: 1

Sexual fantasies realized as a result of hugging personal heroes on book fair floor: 0

Flights booked to San Antonio, Texas: 1