The part in “Hey Jude” about wives

Everybody loves singing along with their friends to this classic — especially when the “na-na-na-naaaa” part kicks in. But people forget that there were seven other times when, instead of singing, “Hey Jude/ Don’t make it bad/ take a sad song and make it better” they sang:

Hey Barbara
and all our other wives
Thank you for marrying us
It’s a good time being married to you

Um, excuse me, Beatles? What other wives?

- - -

When they sang about the rest
of the solar system in “Here Comes the Sun”

This is one of the best summer songs of all time. It brings a smile to everyone’s face. Weirdly, though, there was a lot we missed in the lyrics about our very own solar system:

Here comes the sun
do do do do
Here comes the Mercury
mop mop mop mop
Here comes the Mars and also the Venus
tip tip tip tip
And here comes the Earth
That’s where we live
And even now here comes the Earth’s Moon
Neil Armstrong, Neil Armstrong
Now it’s time for the Jupiter and the Saturn
to come now, to come now
Here comes the Uranus, the one with butt jokes
do do do do
Here comes the Neptune
Yamaha bicycles
The Pluto’s still over there too
do do do
It’s all right
We love this place in the sky

I can’t believe we all forgot this crap!

- - -

The outro to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
about make-up sex with the sad guitar

This song is really sad, but it’s one of the most unforgettable tunes ever created. However, the one thing that was forgettable about it (since we forgot), though, was the part right before the song was about to end and they said:

Now that our argument is over
my guitar and I are going to have make-up sex

Based on that, we can all presume the guitar was happy the rest of the night and wasn’t weeping anymore. Now that’s what I call sweet.

- - -

The first half of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
where John admits to committing arson

I thought this song was pretty endearing and cute… until I remembered the first half where John sings:

“I want to hold your hand
because I keep setting places on fire
with matches that my wives buy me
I’m going to throw all the matches on a barn by my house

I am really freaking out about this one!

- - -

A secret version of “Blackbird” that featured
Ray Liotta’s first summer using Chantix

“Blackbird” is one of the Beatles’ most revered compositions, which makes it so surprising that every single one of us didn’t remember when Ray Liotta made a cameo and said this in the song:

I’m 14-year-old Ray Liotta
and I just started smoking last year
But thanks to Chantix I can feel like myself again
even though I won’t start Chantix until I’m 66
at least it helped me eventually
Thanks, Chantix!

Who the heck would have thought that Ray Liotta was hanging out with the Beatles back then! Another reason to love Goodfellas — and Chantix.

- - -

Some lines in “Yesterday” where they
just sing about how awesome they think they are

“Yesterday” is known for its somber tone, but it’s never been known for the one line that went:

Every day…
We are the Beatles
and we like ourselves a lot
because we are the Beatles.

Jeez, that’s really heartwarming, guys.

- - -

Several parts in “Ticket to Ride” where
lines from “Blackbird” were put in there

This one had to be a big flub. It’s so hilarious! In “Ticket To Ride” they accidentally sang some lines from “Blackbird”!

She’s got a ticket to ride
a blackbird singing in the dead of night
She’s got a ticket to ride
take my broken wings and learn to fly!

LOL! I mean, how airheaded can you be, Beatles! You have to wonder if this was for the fans or something.

- - -

Verses of “Come Together” about Ringo’s
invincibility to blunt-force trauma to the head

I’m going to report this one to the police. There are so many verses about The Beatles trying to kill Ringo with blunt objects. Read this:

Come together
right now
We are circling
around Ringo Starr
John, go ahead
we’re holding him down
just whack him right there
use my son’s football trophy
Okay, that didn’t really work
Try Maxwell’s silver hammer
Wait, what the heck?
It didn’t even make a dent in his head
Because of this, we can conclude
Ringo Starr is invincible to blunt-force trauma to the head
Over me

I hate to admit that part was catchy, but hey, at least Ringo survived. What a time to be a Beatle!

After all is said and done, you can keep finding little nuggets in these incredible songs. They’re like a gift that keeps on giving. Let us know why you love The Beatles and these lyrics we’ve all forgotten about!