Step on a crack, break your mother’s back

Step on a line, break your father’s spine

Step on a flea, become a sucker MC

Step on some dirt, move in with William Hurt

Step on a rock, lose your favorite frock

Step on a bee, become a sucker MC

Step on a plant, remember Adam Ant?

Step on some grass, hey get off the grass

Step on a lime, travel back in time

Step on a crack vial, break your mother’s back vial

Step on a twig, listen to Edvard Grieg

Step on a tree, become a sucker MC

Step on a curb, use a passive verb

Step on Joyce DeWitt, throw a hysterical fit

Step on some paper, solve a thrilling caper

Step on some cardboard, change your name to “Mardboard”

Step on some trash, get way into Graham Nash

Step on a sucker MC, hey, wow, good job!