Username: Cindybin
Age: 53
Location: Illinois
Photo: Her, smiling pleasantly
Site: Yahoo! News and its affiliates
M.O., according to a Yahoo! blog post she wrote: “I see somebody casually use bad language or crude acronyms and I feel a burning desire to lecture them in my firm, motherly way”

- - -

On a straightforward article on a baseball game:
I go out of my way to avoid seeing a second of baseball on TV, it just makes me so mad that these guys SPIT!!! What is WRONG with them?? They spit even though they know they are on camera!! What are they trying to do, prove they are a man?? What a terrible habit!! I’d never date or marry a man who did that!!

On “Reese Witherspoon Weds Jim Toth!” which includes a picture of Witherspoon holding a glass of champagne:
We will NEVER get pot-smokers to understand why drugs are wrong, when grown adults like Reese and her husband use a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol. It just makes me sick, looking at that photo above of them both drinking.

When pressed by other commenters for clarification:
Oh, and I’m talking about pot smokers ONLINE, not in real life. I don’t know anybody in real life who smokes pot.

On “NFL’s oldest cheerleader will have her life made into a film”:
Ugh, I don’t know how anybody can like football—it is so rough and violent! I wouldn’t want to cheer on anybody who plays or watches this game. I’d just want to try and talk to some sense into them and help them to realize why they shouldn’t like this sport.

In response to a commenter calling a financial writer “a f**king idiot”:
Do you have to use profanity?? There are LADIES on this board, you know. Do you talk this way in real life?? What type of woman is going to want to date or marry a man who swears??

When the above comments get downvoted:
What is wrong with you Yahoo people?? You should be agreeing with me and supporting me!! What kind of example are you setting?? Here I am trying to HELP this guy understand why he shouldn’t swear, I’m trying to help him make something better of his life so he comes across well and is more respectful and mindful of ladies being on the Internet, and you put me DOWN for this??

When a commenter wishes pro football players played “for the love of the game”:
How can anybody play football “for the love of the game”?? It’s so rough and violent!! What kind of man is capable of TACKLING somebody??

In response to commenter “Tom,” who criticized NFL commissioner Roger Goodell:
You do NOT have to watch football to prove you are a man. And I hope you aren’t one of those guys who drinks beer, too. That REALLY drives me nuts.

On the old Batman TV show:
it was too violent.

On the show $#*! My Dad Says:
I can’t believe the title of this show. It is just terrible. I would never watch it—I don’t care how funny it is.

On the story “Australian Aims to Solve Great Everest Mystery”:
I really have a hard time admiring someone who does this. It is far too dangerous and there are so many other things to do in this world.

On a commenter calling a report on Neil Patrick Harris “SH#$ NEWS”:
Did you use the sh-word? If so, that is terrible!

Response to “If you could ask David Beckham one question, what would you ask him and why?”:
Why on earth would David have all those ridiculous tattoos on himself, and how does he feel about being married to a woman who often dresses so immodestly?

On a pioneering female Iowa high school wrestler:
Seriously, I don’t know how ANYBODY could participate in this sport, male or female. When I used to work as a newspaper reporter I once interviewed some boys on a youth wrestling team. When I asked them why they like this “sport”, every single one of them said, “Because you get to FIGHT!” That just makes me sick.

Response to a commenter expressing admiration for Bob Dylan:
How can you think Bob Dylan was so great?? He wanted to sleep with Marianne Faithfull as soon as he met her! He didn’t even love her, barely knew her, yet he was ready to just go to bed with her! That is terrible!!

Response to an article on Jennifer Aniston:
Friends was cute but it’s terrible they all had multiple sex partners before marriage; I remember one episode where Monica was lamenting that now that she was engaged, she’d never be able to have sex with anyone else again. That’s terrible!!

Response to an article on the state lottery:
I would never buy a lottery ticket, I can’t imagine anybody in my church buying a lottery ticket, my husband isn’t religious and HE wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket.

Response to a commenter saying he prefers Britney Spears to Vanessa Hudgens:
So Britney is the type of woman you like?? Someone who would pose in such skimpy clothes and gyrate around on stage so suggestively? That is terrible!!

Response to an article on jewelry:
My husband is lucky—I’m not a jewelery [sic] person and I’m very easy to buy for. Just get me any fun Barbie or Littlest Pet Shop toy and I’m happy. I’m a kid at heart. Toys toys toys! That’s all I want.

_Response to an article about the CEO of Starbucks: _
WHY? Why do you have to make coffee in the first place Why do you think you need to drink this hot, horrible-tasting addictive substance?? It’s not good for you!

In response to a comment by “Blue Ballz”:

That is terrible you would make fun of a person for their weight. Also, it’s terrible you used profanity.

On an article about Facebook security threats:
I guess I don’t have to worry about this because I can’t even figure out how to work Facebook