Student Letters to the Future, from Mrs. Anderson’s 4th grade class at Westwood Elementary

City of Stockton Stylized “S” Flag

“Explore the Possibilities, Entertain the Potential, Experience the Passion” video

Year 2000 telephone book for Stockton (autographed by the photographer of the book’s front cover)

Tomato seed variety guide; commercial price list, from Lockhart Seeds, Inc.

Feature page from April 26, 2000 issue of The Record, featuring Councilmember Frank Ruhstaller’s recipe for asparagus margaritas

Dave Wong’s menu

McDonald’s Millennium Bear

From Duraflame: matches (long and short); pencils (finished and under construction); small Duraflame logs

“Count On Me” Census 2000 CD with Lyrics

Photograph of Chris Isaak

Humphrey College’s 1996-1999 Law bulletin, 1997-2000 course catalog, mug, various flyers, pens

“On The Town,” Stockton’s Entertainment Magazine

California Penal Code, circa 1897

Stickers from Sally Savewater program

The book “Stockton, Sunrise port on the San Joaquin,” by Olive Davis

Holt of California’s, toy agricultural tractor, mug, information package

Senior Showcase Flyer: “Here Comes The Judge”

One-Dollar Sacajawea coin

Twenty-five-cent coin depicting Massachusetts