How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria’s Alcoholism?

$25,260 of $48,000
Raised by 320 people in 2 days

After years of caring for the seven von Trapp children, Maria turned to liquor. Vodka now tops her list of favorite things. We’re trying to send her to Promises, the same rehab Britney Spears attended. Please help us put the sound of music back into Maria’s hills.

- - -

The “I Feel Pretty” Scholarship Fund

$35,795 of $36k
Raised by 707 people in 7 days

After Tony’s tragic death, Maria started an after school program on West Side Story Blvd to help young women learn to sing + dance. The nonprofit seeks to show them ways to feel pretty outside of the male gaze. We’re looking to expand enrollment by offering more scholarships to both the Sharks and the Jets alike.

- - -

Candles R Out & Rent’s Due

$0 of $525,600
Raised by 0 people in 365 days

Me & some friends moved to NYC last year to make art, but it’s like waaaaay expensive. I might have to move back to Idaho soon if I don’t find funds. No day but today to help. Will do anything for $$$ just no manual labor or anything hard.

- - -

Anywhere But Oklahoma!

$975 of $650
Raised by 10 people in 3 days

The corn might be growin’ clear up to the sky here in our home state, but let’s give Curly and Laurey the honeymoon they deserve. I got a “beautiful feeling” we can raise the money for their plane tickets. Any and all help is a cherished blessing.

- - -

More Kitty Litter

$26,770 of $125
Raised by 561 people in 20 minutes

MEOW. We now have many felines in our tribe. It’s not cheap to keep the alleys clean under this dark moon. For every donation, we’ll send you a cute cat’s #selfie to help create a good memory. MEOW.

- - -

It’s Still a Hard Knock Life

$22,922 of $4.0M
Raised by 524 people in 12 days

When Daddy Warbucks died, the small amount of cash he left to Annie went fast. She’s great at household chores, but not so good at handling money. She’s trying to go to NYU, so let’s help our favorite red head get back to Easy Street.

- - -

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