The Sandman blows sand in the throats of audience members during quiet moments.

Just before intermission, the Lizard backs up all the toilets.

Hiding in the coatroom, the Vulture places remote-controlled feathers in purses and jacket pockets. Later, when the theatergoer is asleep at home, the feather taps out a sharply-worded blog post about how the show would be better with the Vulture as the main villain.

The Green Goblin releases a hallucinogenic gas that makes the audience think they’re at U2’s PopMart Tour.

Just before the Act I curtain closer, Doctor Octopus descends into the orchestra pit and mans all the instruments, turning what was an anthemic rock cantata played vivacissimo into a luscious and swirly comic operetta played adagio.

Venom symbiotically attaches himself to everyone’s feet, then makes the entire audience walk up a block to watch the musical Venom wants to watch: American Idiot.

The Kingpin buys up all the tickets and sells them at exorbitant prices on

J. Jonah Jameson writes the first official review in the Daily Bugle.