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List: Breaking Beyond the 4th Wall (5/4/2016)

A Freelancer’s Prayer (11/17/2015)

List: True Designer Baby Names (3/6/2015)

Merry #XXMas (12/23/2014)

List: Corporate Time Equivalents (5/8/2014)

Son, It’s Time We Talk About Where Start-Ups Come From (2/4/2014)

Let’s Make a Beautiful Case-Study Video for Your Social-Media Based Ad Campaign (3/8/2013)

The World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer (12/27/2012)

As I Lay Buying (12/10/2012)

Your Instagram Horoscope (9/6/2012)

What It’s Like Being President, Metaphorically Speaking (2/17/2012)

Please Help the Ecopod Habitat Biotel by Marriott in Our Efforts to Conserve (11/2/2011)

Midway Through Writing Concordant of Runes (Book Fourteen in the Caste of Aether Series), Fantasy Author R.J. Fitzgibbons Hits a Wall (6/28/2011)

List: Additional Improvements to the Coors Light “Cold Activated” Beer Can (6/23/2011)

Two Years Later, the Geese Respond to the So-Called “Miracle On the Hudson.” (1/13/2011)

List: Continued Problems With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (1/13/2011)

The Williamsburg Address (11/4/2010)

In Light of My Impending Death, Here’s What to Do With My Literary Estate (10/19/2010)

List: More Herman Melville College Metaphors (8/13/2010)

To the Lighthouse. But First, to the Food Carts (7/7/2010)

List: Literary Photoshop (3/25/2010)

Fail Whale Speaks (3/3/2010)

X Men Origins: Cheever (12/1/2009)

Metroid’s Samus Aran Speaks Out About Gay Marriage (8/4/2009)

Netloss (6/4/2009)

Dr. Mario Weighs In on Universal Health Care (3/11/2009)

Monologue: Mom, Dad, I’m Into Steampunk (6/25/2008)

List: Reasons Why Your Retired Derby-Winning Stallion Isn’t Siring (6/4/2008)

Acoustic Citizen (4/29/2008)

Thomas the NJ Transit Train (6/19/2007)

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