429 7th Ave., Brooklyn
Sold, 12/21/2001 – 1/10/2002

White handled music box insert, melody of “Pop goes the Weasel”, $3.19
American Window Cleaner #87, $6.00
Pewter sparrow foot, two, $8.00
Squirrel reference photo book, $35.00
Rick Moody’s “The Double Zero”, $1.00
Toothbrush, $1.50
Pewter wood thrush foot, $5.50
Lift-up front welding goggles, $12.00
Pewter pigeon foot, two, $13.00
Ben Greenman’s Superbad, $15.00
Calipers, $9.00
Light stick, $2.50
Timothy McSweeney’s Very Intense Heated Passionate Battle/Embrace With They Might Be Giants, $25.00
Small menorah, $1.01
page 37 from Rugene Dernay’s Longitudes and Latitudes Throughout the World (Except in the United States), $1.72
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “It was never like that and you know it.”, $16.00
Dinosaur, $1.50
Bear jaw kit, $27.00
Large double convex lens, two, $18.00
Jonathan Lethem’s This Shape We’re In, $9.00
Pewter miniature duck foot, two , $8.00
page 69 from Rugene Dernay’s Longitudes and Latitudes Throughout the World (Except in the United States), $1.87
Neal Pollack’s The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, $16.00
On-off through-thread machining switch, $1.53
Large tee-shirt emblazoned “Timothy McSweeney’s: Created in darkness by Troubled Americans”, $16.00
Might #1, $25.00
Timothy McSweeney’s Small Box Half-Full of Gems and Itching, $16.00
Saliva ejector, $0.14
Adams Irresistible Size 12 Fly, $4.15
Bareback riding pad, two, $48.00
Pewter miniature duck foot, two, $8.00
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “WHOOP WHOOP whoop WHOOP WHOOP”, $16.00
Glass eye, $11.27
Paul Maliszewski’s “Paperback Nabokov”, $1.00
Medium tee-shirt emblazoned “It was broken when I got it. I want a new one.”, $16.00
David Byrne’s Los Nuevos Pecados, $15.00
Feline dental record , $0.50
Small tongue, $7.50
page 61 from Rugene Dernay’s Longitudes and Latitudes Throughout the World (Except in the United States), $4.47
Small rubber cube, three, $2.00
McSweeney’s Books Sampler #1, $8.00
Pewter meadowlark foot, two, $8.00
Denis Johnson’s “Hellhound on My Trail”, $1.00
1st place ribbon, $0.90
Lydia Davis’s Samuel Johnson is Indignant, $17.00
Pewter gamble quail foot, two, $12.00
DANGER tag, $1.92
Timothy McSweeney’s Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, $22.00
Full set of Might Magazine, sets are missing 4,5,6 & 16, $200.00 to the Fresh Air Fund
Black handled music box insert, melody of “Rock-A-Bye, Baby”, $10.82
Slim cedar card holder, $13.50
“Do Not Open Valve” tag, three, $3.00
“Do Not Close Valve” tag, three, $3.00
Squirrel burying a nut, $19.10
Sheila Heti’s “The Middle Tales”, $1.00

  1. male Cooper’s Hawk falconry bells, $19.86
    Pewter evening grosbeak foot, $4.00
    Large tee-shirt emblazoned “Trust everyone”, $16.00
    Hendrickson wetfly size 12 fly, $3.70
    Canine exam sticker, $1.00
    8 ounce plumb, $11.95
    Set of lamb’s teeth, two, $18.58
    Bonnie R. Gross’s Caring For Your Miniature Donkey, $19.81
    Oil filter wrench , $12.37
    Pewter nuthatch foot, two, $8.00
    Amy Fusselman’s The Pharmacist’s Mate, $16.00
    Piano key, $4.00
    Weasel facing left, $19.46
    Robert E. Granville’s Shallow Water Treasure Hunting, $16.88
    Gold ore with display vial, $9.69
    Train conductor in a jar, $3.00
    Lawrence Krauser’s Lemon, $16.50
    Classic girl medium tee-shirt emblazoned “Timothy McSweeney’s Cotton Undergarment”, $16.00
    Pewter cardinal foot, two, $9.00
    Wolverine jaw set, $24.86