“Kansas, Tennessee, and Georgia are among those considering legislation like Florida’s House Bill 1557 … banning classroom discussion about gender identity and sexual orientation for specific ages.” — The National Desk

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Don’t say straight! Children are too young to learn about gender identity and gender roles. Why should kids be indoctrinated to believe that women should marry men and be their wives? This aberrant family model didn’t even exist for most of homo sapiens’ existence. It’s just a gross, freakish phenomenon, like pairing cheese curds with beef gravy.

Don’t say straight! It’s time for us to resist the radical heterosexual gender ideology and the corrosive efforts to brainwash our kids into believing that the nuclear family is normal. The whole “wife-husband” thing is unnatural, which is why perfectly reasonable and nonviolent people fantasize about their spouses dying several times a day. That’s something for you to think about the next time your mom stares out the window with a pensive expression. It also explains why married straight people with enough money decide to live in their own house, like Grimes.

Don’t say straight! Humans evolved to live communally, and then some fetishist religious nuts imposed this bizarre isolationist family structure on everyone. Now look at us. Parents don’t have enough support to raise their children. They have to manically scramble to find daycare, summer camps, nannies, and after-school enrichment programs, which are just overpriced babysitters with capoeira drums.

Don’t say straight! Heterosexual relationships are largely unhealthy, imbalanced and many of them end in painful breakups and divorce. It’s like we’re setting our kids up for failure when we tell them about the existence of straight relationships. Brad and Jennifer, Woody and Mia, Kanye and Kim — it always ends in tears, lawsuits, and threats against Pete Davidson. You can tell how messed up straight relationships are by looking at every single AITA thread.

Don’t say straight! When kids are small and impressionable, they believe the world is full of possibilities. One kid might want to grow up and live in a house with their two best friends and make bead loom handicrafts, for example. Another might want to create a universe structured around their favorite manga comic. Still another might want to solve crimes by leading a pack of emergency service specialty puppies. It would be a shame to expose children to heterosexual relationships so early and ruin their chances for happiness and fulfillment.

Look where all this heterosexual madness has gotten us! Society is breaking down. The heterosexual agenda is responsible for what happened when 62 million Americans voted for a man accused by dozens of women of sexual assault, and who bragged about assaulting women to other men. Kids are way too young to learn about that without becoming traumatized. Let’s protect our children from this terrible knowledge so they can feel safe, and while we’re at it, let’s make sure they don’t know about the existence of Brett Kavanaugh either. What kind of twisted mind would want our children to learn about these degenerates?

Don’t say straight! It’s not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students to learn that there are men who feel entitled to women’s bodies, time, and labor, thanks to the conventions of straight relationships. We can’t wait for the Florida GOP to write a bill to address any of that.

Don’t say straight! Kids are too young to learn about gender identity, and about all the horrors associated with heterosexual identity. Who can even keep count of the historical atrocities that come from heterosexual ideology? Forced marriage, child marriage, bride kidnappings, genital mutilation, vaginal testing, honor killings, legalized marital rape, coverture — the heterosexual agenda is the worst thing to happen to humanity ever. Not convinced? The Bachelor is in its twenty-sixth season.

When kids are born, parents and caregivers want to protect them, and the best way to do this is to stop them from learning about heterosexual identity. Will kids sometimes discover that they have classmates who have one mom and one dad who are married to each other? Inevitably, they will. But it should be up to parents to explain why and how this happens. Teachers should be forced to stay silent on these sensitive subjects. They shouldn’t be grooming our children into the destructive heterosexual lifestyle. Responsible parents want to keep children from knowing the truth about heterosexual relationships for as long as possible. We should definitely let them.