INTERVIEWER: So your movie is a huge box office and critical hit.


INTERVIEWER: How do your parents feel about that?

ASIAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY: They’re over the moon. I brought them to the premiere, and they were so excited to see me on the big screen.

INTERVIEWER: Are they proud of you?

ASIAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY: Yeah. My mom literally just said to me, “I am proud of you,” before this interview. Honestly, they love money and external validation, so this is a dream come true for them.

INTERVIEWER: That’s a little offensive, don’t you think?


INTERVIEWER: Are they confused by what you do? I imagine being an actor isn’t common in their culture.

ASIAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY: No, they’ve seen plenty of movies before… You know actors exist in China, right?

INTERVIEWER: What was their reaction when you got the part?

ASIAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY: They were really happy for me. They know I’ve been working really hard. Why do you keep asking about my parents? Can I talk about the movie now?

INTERVIEWER: Did your parents support your decision to become an actor?

ASIAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY: They were hesitant at first—wait, I’m thirty-four, why do you care what they think of my choices? I’m the one in charge of my life. Acting is a risky career for anyone, but I weighed the decision carefully, like most other actors do.

INTERVIEWER: Right, absolutely. Are they disappointed you didn’t become a doctor like your cousin Laura?

ASIAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY: How do you know that?!

INTERVIEWER: Thanks for your time, I wish you the best of luck and hope your parents become more supportive of your career in the future.