“Fierce action and breathtaking beauty … Ravishes … Posed the greatest threat to the ruler.” —_Hero_ from RollingStone.com

“Violently hurled my nachos … Leaves you wanting more.” —_Alien vs. Predator_ from MovieWeb.com

“Evocative, and creepy sound effects create a more frightening environment … A closely knit 19th-century agrarian community that fears a menace lurking in the nearby woods.” —The Village from USATODAY.com

“Gun-blazing mayhem … To finger the company’s nefarious CEO … But free will, circumstance, and contradictory impulses can find wiggle room in even the most unambiguous decree.” —_I, Robot_ from The Onion A.V. Club

“A head-spinning ride with the devil through a Los Angeles night that gleams with danger … Orchestrating action, atmosphere and bruising humor with a poet’s eye for urban darkness.” —_Collateral_ from RollingStone.com

“Purrs, meows and cat-puns we’ve come to expect … Kinetic and exciting … This is a lot of fun if you know how to have it.” —_Catwoman_ from MovieWeb.com

“People get mighty passionate about those tasty, teensy burgers … A flatulence contest in a women’s restroom … Surreal jazz-riff …” —_Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle_ from USATODAY.com

“A vulnerable, self-effacing guy striving to find his place in the world … With dazzling kinetics and style … The engine that drives it forward … Whipcrack editing … The modest work of delivering the goods seem[s] like a rare treat.” —_The Bourne Supremacy_ from The Onion A.V. Club