God is active in marriage. He is not asleep or indifferent even when the biggest fools are married.

Every married woman should know that she is liberated to number three. In God’s chain of command, God comes first, then the husband, then the wife and the children. Reverse the order and trouble comes. Actually, when properly understood, a wife can rejoice that she is number three in the chain of command. Surely she wouldn’t want to be number one, God! Then why covet number two—the husband’s role?

There is nothing about this teaching to disturb Christian women. Recent movements for female liberation are the result of looking upon regrettable reality rather than blessed ideality. The thought should give women cause for thanksgiving and rejoicing, and will do so when properly understood.

Regardless of what we may think, in creation woman was secondary to man. God made woman from man. He was the stronger and she the weaker.

Whether we like it or not, the woman was the first to sin.

Where this love exists in homes we do not find husbands justifying their conduct by saying, he did it first, or accusing the wife. He loves and goes the limit, taking the guilt upon himself.

God made Adam, and after, He saw that man needed a Helpmeet designed for him, God made Eve. Man was to rule in the home, woman was to obey, follow, submit. There is no male superior here. This is merely God’s order.

This is quite according to nature. Women are different from men. They are different in their body. They are different in mental capacity. Man is naturally aggressive, a leader. Women are followers. Not that in any way women are inferior. They are more unselfish and even tempered. Let’s have done with the idea of inferiority. It’s just that women are made different. God planned it that way.