Located just a short car ride or horse carriage from Sutpen’s Hundred, Old (but newly renovated!) Frenchman Place is the perfect dream home for your family. Once “a gutted ruin rising gaunt and stark out of a grove of unpruned cedar trees,” Old Frenchman Place now has pristinely pruned cedar trees as well as a slew of other refurbished amenities!

Situated in the heart of beautiful Yoknapatawpha, this once-plantation boasts hardwood floors, high ceilings, and is even rumored to have Civil War gold buried underneath the just-installed ping-pong/foosball room — feel free to send the kids on a treasure hunt, we won’t judge. Equipped with gorgeous and plentiful natural light, the property also has what The Yoknapatawpha Daily called the most impressive compost system this side of Jackson.

And there’s no need to worry about noisy neighbors, because this two-story gem is “set in the middle of a tract of land; of cotton fields and gardens and lawns.” Who wouldn’t want to live here!?

The Old Frenchman Place has five bedrooms, three baths, an activities room, a meditation room, and even a barn, which was famously once the setting for a highly publicized court case involving a corncob.

Want to feel like a Southern gentleman? Of course you do. Just drink a gin and tonic on your newly painted and newly furnished front porch, and you’ll feel like a Good Ol’ Boy in no time. And did we mention the land comes with a jug of moonshine that was actually bootlegged on the premises? Buy the house, inherit the gossip!

Home to some of Yoknapatawpha’s most notorious residents, like Will Varner, V.K. Ratliff, Flem Snopes, and Lee Goodwin, the pride and joy of Frenchman’s Bend can now be yours!

If interested, reach out to Compson Brothers Realty today.

No smokers or Southern apologists, please.