They wrote the best James Bond theme.

They wrote the only Bond theme with a reggae break down (as of publication).

Wings had several drummers but incontrovertibly the greatest was Joe English. (You probably don’t have a strong opinion about that fact. DOESN’T MAKE IT ANY LESS TRUE.)

“Maybe I’m Amazed” by Wings > “Something” by The Beatles

I regret giving this list such a combative title. It sets a tone that I didn’t intend to have.

Wings Over America is the gold standard for live albums.

Johnny Cash’s At Fulsom Prison can go right to hell. Wings Over America is here to make you sound like the worst garbage.

The band’s first single was a re-orchestrated version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Today, with hindsight, no one that was in the band thought this was a good idea.

When the horns come in on “Band on the Run?” You kidding me?

I have listened to almost all of their albums.

In “Lady Madonna” I just got the double entendre: “Thursday night your stockings needed mending / see how they run.” I’ve heard that Beatles song, like, 100 times. I just got it. BUT ONLY WHEN WINGS COVERED IT ON THEIR AWESOME LIVE ALBUM.

Musically active from 1971-1981.