A show about six best friends who just happen to be all white because it’s the ’90s.

The Andy Griffith Show

A show with equal distribution of color in black & white.

Mad Men

A show about creatives where the only creative license the show creators didn’t take was to hire more actors of color.


White is silent in the title because it’s implied.

2 Broke Girls

A show about two white girls because the creators must have thought that having two non-white girls being broke would make it a documentary, and where would they be able to find two non-white female actors?

The Big Bang Theory

The origin story of white people having a token friend of color.

Silicon Valley

A show about the world of technology with only one lead actor of color. Because the only time they don’t want to lean into stereotypes is when it might mean hiring more actors of color.

Game of Thrones

The story of two white men with almost no credentials getting to make a show based on an already world-famous franchise and still managing to screw up the ending.

How I Met Your Mother

A show about the never-ending love saga of a straight white man, saved by a gay actor playing a womanizer.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Because Raymond is white.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

A show of the white people, by the white people, for the white people. Like democracy.


The show where you can’t do anything wrong because you hired Ted Danson — the real-life Raymond.


A Cheers spin-off without Ted Danson or any actors of color.

The Wire

Just because a show is on HBO doesn’t mean they won’t get it right sometimes.


A really funny and successful show with so many actors of color that it was canceled.