Ravaged Gaul: A blend of earth tones reminiscent of the sacked and muddy countryside. Battlefield hues of gray ash, brown dirt, and black char energized by a subtle crimson splatter effect. Perfectly complements your bronze “spoils of war” fixtures and accessories. So easy to clean you could almost free one of your kitchen slaves.

Cicero Whisper: It speaks to you in harmonious neutral shades of stone, sandal, and oyster (a hard-sided pale fish from our coastal colonies). Unlike potentially traitorous orators this surface is impervious to knife damage.

Grecian Echo: A wine-dark-sea shade harkening back to a vanquished tribe. Imagine how much better your rationed wheat will taste as you prepare it on a retro background that reminds you of the victories of our mighty Republic. And thanks to the dark, grape-colored surface you won’t lose sight of a single precious grain. Viva Roma!

Maenad Mélange: Just because you make sacrifices on your countertop doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style too. Sophisticated pastel blend as colorful as a garland of spring flowers wreathing the horns of a bull intended for Bacchus. Bloodstain-resistant and so beautiful you will want to gorge yourself at your kitchen counter instead of your triclinium.

Gladiator Glory: Bring the thrill of the amphitheater home. Available in shades of sand, lion mane, or tiger stripe, and highlighted with metallic flecks of actual recycled armor stripped from the bodies of fallen fighters. Withstands beastly scratches like a champion. The only thing missing is the pleas for mercy.