The You Don’t Know My Heart

Set your hand on your chest, clutch shirt as if squeezing the pain out of your heart like a sponge soaked in your father’s disappointment.

The Generation Silenced

Bring index finger to mouth in a shushing motion. Particularly moving when speaking of your voice unheard amidst the metaphorical shouting match between egos that has taken over your Twitter feed.

The Head Case

Take index finger and swirl it around your head repeatedly. Poignant when discussing how others may view your ideas as too “progressive,” “radical,” or “illegal” for modern society.

The No Way José

Take both hands and shake them furiously in front of you to suggest, “No, I refuse to accept the reality which you have so callously presented to me.” Or, “That’s enough guacamole.”

The Either/Or

Turn both your hands so palms face up. Bend your elbows to create a human scale. Raise and lower arms when figuratively weighing the social and political implications of the sentence you are powerfully delivering to a captivated room filled with 12 of the 100 people you invited on Facebook.

The Fist of Fury

Hold fist in the sky and keep punching upward with every word that requires emphasis. Keep to a minimum of three sequential punches to avoid fist-pumping flashbacks for your less culturally immersed audience members. Namely Jeff, who made you swear to never tell anyone he was in a fraternity.

The Magician

Open and close your hand in the air as if you just made a coin disappear. This works when trying to illustrate the rapidly fading principles of democracy while simultaneously distracting viewers from a necessary adjustment to your skinny cords.

The Road Less Traveled

Extend arm fully away from your body and gesture to the figurative path you took through liberal arts school that led to an unfortunately well-documented fedora phase.

The One More Thing

Point finger to the sky with intent. Deliver last line in a commanding fashion. Remind listeners and friends about your difficult journey as an artist and the tip jar located at the foot of the stage.

The Bow Out

Dip head forward slightly, lower gaze in a humble manner while receiving snaps from your following. Walk off stage and pat the next performer on the shoulder to signify both “good luck!” and “good luck following that.”