I see a cheetah
he has a lot of vitality
he hates going to school
so energetic he plays soccer
I see a panther
he writes poetry

I like poetry
you read poetry as fast as a running cheetah
you are as black as the night, panther
I have some vitality
I am ready to play soccer
I have to do math homework for school

I will be tardy for school
I need to write some poetry
I need to play soccer
I will run as fast as a cheetah
I will run with vitality
as fast as a panther

I need to run faster than a panther
I need to go to school
I don’t have energy I walk furious with vitality
my dad writes poetry
I walked much slower than a cheetah
I kicked my legs like I was playing soccer

I do feel like I’m playing soccer
I wish I was black like a panther
I wish I had spots like a cheetah
I just need to get to school
I don’t need poetry
I need a lot of vitality

I want to run I still walk with vitality
I am not thinking about soccer
or reading poetry
I need a ride by a panther
so I can get to school
is there any cheetah?

I saw a cheetah running with vitality
I went to school but can I play soccer?
I saw a panther but I want to write poetry