1. Let go of the bitterness you feel towards him — it’s only natural that Bryce should get the credit for your idea since he repeated it in a louder voice five seconds after you said it. This is your fault because apparently, you speak in tones that only rodents (and Bryce) can hear.

2. Join in with the rest of the team in giving Bryce high-fives and hearty backslaps after he shamelessly regurgitates the central tenets of the software development plan you just proposed. You didn’t stand up for yourself when you had the chance, so now you just have to go along with it.

3. Smile politely at the end of project meetings, when your boss shakes all of the men’s hands vigorously, but just gives you a pathetic little wave and nod, as if you were a neighbor kid at a lemonade stand he was trying to pass by without making a purchase.

4. Do all of the background research, but allow Bryce to pick out the colors for the graphs. Don’t speak up when he only chooses varying shades of baby poop green, because confrontation just makes you more exhausted.

5. Don’t ever mention that the idea was originally yours, as that would make things awkward. It’s already uncomfortable around here, with your co-workers constantly talking about the fantasy baseball league that they didn’t invite you to participate in. Also, ignore the fact that Bryce sometimes uses your salad dressing in the kitchenette without asking.

6. Perform a thorough analysis of how much profit your new software product will generate. Then, pretend you forgot how to attach Word documents to emails so Bryce can send the final copy to your boss (filename: Bryces_Big_Cool_Idea.docx). He’ll help you out in return someday, right?

7. Continue to refill the paper towel holder in the kitchenette when someone whose name rhymes with “lice” inevitably leaves the bare, glue-streaked cardboard tube hanging there, even though the new rolls are right in the goddamn cabinet. Cling to the increasingly bleak hope that your consideration for others will pay off in the future.

8. Tell your best friend from college that she needs to clear her schedule, because boy oh boy do you have some grade-A bullshit to bitch about after work.

9. Take an aggressive power walk around the office parking lot, muttering “Bryce. BRYCE. BRYYYYCE,” as you swing your arms wildly and kick litter at cars. But again, don’t actually share any of your concerns with Bryce because that would be weird.

10. Pick up some donuts for the office to celebrate when your cutting-edge product is finally rolled out under Bryce’s name, because this is just another lose-lose situation and there might as well be snacks.