1. Anna Nicole Smith is to Anna Deavere Smith as Dom DeLuise is to:

A. Dom DiMaggio
B. David DeLuise
C. Danny DeVito
D. Don DeLillo
E. Paul Prudhomme

2. Find z= x/y, where x= the number of times you’ve heard Jonathan Winters described as a comic genius, and y= the number of times Jonathan Winters has made you laugh.

A. z>100
B. z>10
C. z>1
D. z<1
E. z= Ø

3. Which is correct?

A. Beatles/Kinks/Stones/Who
B. Kinks/Beatles/Stones/Who
C. Stones/Kinks/Beatles/Who
D. Kinks/Stones/Beatles/Who
E. Beatles/Stones/Kinks/Who

4. Which of the following protègés of Andy Warhol should be termed “significant,” and which weren’t, in fact, Andy Warhol protègés at all, but important figures in South Africa’s struggle against Apartheid?

A. Nico
B. Biko
C. Basquiat
D. Tambo
E. Tama
F. Mba
G. Viva
H. Zoli
I. Xuma

5. Match each of the following people with his profession:

A. Bob Newhart
B. Steve Allen
C. Dick Smothers
D. Tom Smothers
E. Mark Russell

1. Humorist
2. Satirist
3. Entertainer
4. Comedian
5. Wit

6. Choose one:

A. “Little Stephen” Dedalus
B. Stephen “Special Delivery” Dedalus
C. Stephen “Smack Down” Dedalus
D. Stephen “Stepherino” Dedalus