To be honest, I was a little reluctant about watching Adult Swim’s TV show, Rick and Morty. My girlfriends kept telling me it was for misogynists, and I saw men on Reddit write things like, “If you don’t understand quantum physics, you won’t really understand the intricacies of the show.” I didn’t know anything about quantum physics, so I was a little wary about watching the program.

But for all the warnings I received, no one ever told me how educational Rick and Morty would wind up being. Now that I’ve watched it, I know everything.

When I saw the comments on Reddit, I did wonder how all of those men knew so much about quantum physics. Now I understand! When you watch Rick and Morty, you become a quantum physics expert. I now know everything about black-body radiation and the eigenstate.

Thanks to Rick and Morty, I can now speak 6,909 different languages. I also can perfectly replicate the construction of the Apollo 11, and know whether we really landed on the moon or not.

But that wasn’t all that I learned. After watching Rick and Morty, I now fully understand the feminist movement and what a pure example of radical feminist media truly looks like. I also know what your opinion should be about whether or not Rick and Morty is sexist. If you watched Rick and Morty, you would too.

The show’s creator, Dan Harmon, may not have intended for Rick and Morty to teach me about disparate things like the Bernoulli effect, anthropological research methods, and how to make bread. But it did. Rick and Morty has opened my mind to all the possibilities of the universe.

Rick and Morty really should be on the Discovery Channel instead of Adult Swim. If you watched the show, you would realize that I’m right about this. After all, I know everything.