A club, or else a billy goat, will climb, (27)
Alum is a slight, outstanding salt (11)
Androgynous, the dealer dealt the cards (18)

Beach! Oh beach! The lifeguard’s out again! (26)
Bigness. Yes, but what has bigness wrought? (41)
Brontosaurus: massive dinosaur, The (38)
Buffed in light, in amber day recline (7)

Crepuscular or not. In this, decide (12)

Dirigibles, it’s true, expand with gas (32)
Dried up the day. Dried up the night. Explode, (21)

Eking out his awkward kiss, and blow (25)
Explode, and let the blossoming cough up (33)

Forget me not? Oh, I feel sick. Cough up (10)

Ganglia no matter where I turn, The (8)

Hartford is a town I’d like to be (14)
Heretofore forgotten by the squid (47)
Heretofore I turn my lacies up (30)
Heretofore where? Here. Oh, heretofore—(23)
Heironymous was funnier than you. (44)

Jazz was something else before it came (28)

Kukla, Fran and Ollie: on at nine (45)

Lapland girls have always thrown like boys, The (20)
Lilliput. An island which is small. (43)

Massive thunder-king, the brontosaur (16)
Measles, mumps—an ever-present scourge (29)
Missives? Where was that note again? The (42)
missiles fall like heavy-breasted dolls, The (39)
Mull it over. You will have an hour (40)

Napster is a dot com you enjoy (35)
Needles in the swimming pool float up, The (13)

Old men here the women do endure (22)

Paper is a rotten substitute (34)

Quick, hide in this bowl of applesauce— (37)

Rashoman’s a movie from Japan (9)
Rag-tag, the army dipped and swooned again (31)

Sauce upon my heart, it feels so sweet (29)

Tall and slender, what has this man done? (15)

What has happened? Who is having fun? (36)
Willomena sat and thought again (17)
Wither those who sink. Who dares to swim (46)

Zithers strum but no one cares to hear, The (24)