1. A fat girl bows gravely like a samurai … TRUE

2. A naked woman my age is a total nightmare … FALSE

3. Decapitated, he looks much the same … FALSE

4. How many breasts a woman has depends … FALSE

5. I’d been so seized by passion for this delectable lover … TRUE

6. I live a life of laziness and luxury … FALSE

7. My own poetry I find in comprehensible … FALSE

8. Shirts wear themselves out being worn … TRUE

9. The cord delivers electricity … TRUE

10. The irrigation system wants it to be known it irrigates … TRUE

11. The man in bed with me this morning is myself, is me … TRUE

12. The young keep getting younger, but the old keep getting younger … FALSE

13. This jungle poem is going to be my last … FALSE

14. What hasn’t happened isn’t everything … TRUE