“I said throw a shrimp on the Barbie—not Grandma!”

“It’s like the lady’s saying to her dog, ’don’t you dare eat my toast.’ And the dog’s saying, ‘I vegemite. I vegemite not.’”

“Is that a wombat in your pants, mate or are you just happy to see me? Crikey! It IS a wombat!”

“Along came a spider and sat down beside her, and … made some fat kid fall out of her chair. Although, in fairness, a drop of that spider’s venom could kill a cow, so fair enough.”

“That’s not a boy paralyzing himself on a trampoline. THAT’S a boy paralyzing himself on a trampoline.”

“To wallaby or not to wallaby: that is the question. Crikey! NOT to wallaby.”

“Lookee here. Not exactly Steve Irwin. Well, actually he is getting attacked by a fish, so yeah, kinda like Steve Irwin, but it’s only landing a non-fatal bite to his scrotum so scratch that. I stand by what I said before. Not exactly Steve Irwin. Rest in Peace, Steve!”

“Didgeridoo? More like didgeriDON’T, am I right?”

“Ouch, looks like that Australian native just took a boomerang right to the aborigi-KNEES!”

“Maybe the baby ate your dingo!”

“Crikey! That’s the crikiest criker in who ever criked a … I’ll just show myself out.”