1. Can I top off your warm salt water?

2. Does this sound infected?

3. Who’s her favorite bass player?

4. Why is your spleen like that?

5. Is he going to perpetuate that misconception all night?

6. But how do you get it to float next to the VCR?

7. Why brown?

8. Did you say “Massachusetts?”

9. Was that when you noticed my uncle’s birthmark?

10. When does the next Frenchman go by here?

11. Who said anything about yachting?

12. Isn’t that the guy from Psychedelic Furs?

13. Why was that written?

14. What’s with the hedge trimmer?

15. Could you please stop looking at my bowling trophy?

16. You call yourself a witch doctor?

17. Couldn’t you at least have buried the can opener?

18. What do you know from black lung?

19. More duck sauce?

20. Who dat talkin’ ‘bout beatin’ dem Bengals?