“President Donald Trump has a longtime habit in high-profile meetings that’s no ‘Art of the Deal’ secret: a casual drop-by from daughter Ivanka Trump.” — CNN, 9/6/17

- - -

Why let a few closed doors and private conversations stop you from taking full advantage of the opportunities life provides? Ladies, in our careers, we need to take every chance we get — whether they are implicitly given or not. While experiencing my role in the White House, I fully embrace the wisdom of Sheryl Sandberg and I’m literally leaning into every single door in the white house, pushing them open to just say hi, or to participate in critical conversations about the direction of our nation’s infrastructure, budget, and executive leadership. I’m not an elected government official, but my presence and opinions have always influenced others, and yours can too.

I would like to introduce my own term that I hope will inspire you: The Drop In. The idea is that you Drop In everywhere. No matter what doors are shut, no matter how classified the meeting is, or what sounds you hear on the other side, just Drop In. Get your voice heard, make sure your presence is felt, and take comfort in knowing the people you’ve just walked in on are forced to look at you. It would help, although it’s not entirely necessary to wear a three or four inch heel, because then you might match the height of your male coworkers, or leaders at the G20 summit, and that height match will trick them into looking right into your face. If you’re already tall then never mind.

Here are some other occasions when a Drop In could be useful to be taken seriously and seen as an inescapable part of the conversation:

  • Do you see your co-workers discussing something completely unrelated to your department in a conference room, but you have a feeling they’ll appreciate your hot take? Just Drop In.
  • Is your daddy on a phone call in his office with a private investor during the first day of your internship he got you at the company, and you don’t know what you should be focussing on? Just Drop In.
  • Is your husband having an interview with a publication you absolutely adore, and you’re wearing the good culottes, and think the writer might be inspired to grab a quote from you? Just Drop In.
  • Do you know your child’s teacher is planning on conducting a grammar lesson, and you feel inspired to provide some sample participles? Just Drop In.
  • Did you have a conversation once with the boss about something, anything at all, and you see her talking to clients at a coffee shop, and she has a great blazer you’d like to compliment her on it? Just Drop In.
  • Is your friend about to get engaged and you just want to make sure everything is setup for the big surprise, and imagine that the soon to be husband will have you to thank once he’s proposed, which is an honor you can cherish forever? Just Drop In.
  • Is your friend having her annual review in her office, which you happen to be visiting at the same time, and you want to make sure her employer has zero doubts about her merits as an integral part of her team? Just Drop In.
  • Are you at a work related happy hour and two of your coworkers are speaking somewhat intimately, but you’d like to talk about how you can advance at the company in a holistic way? Just Drop In.

Friends, I am here to instill the same enthusiasm and confidence in life that I’ve had as a woman who has never heard the word “no.” I know for a fact that I can help spread this unique perspective to millions of women, and when you just learn to master the art of the Drop In, anytime, anywhere, your careers and lives will revolve entirely around you.