You think you know someone then they go and do something you’d never expect.

Alcoholism has a sadly romantic quality that conventional attitudes overlook. Society = afraid to say this!

The thing about adultery is it’s the highest expression of pure human freedom.

The true criminal mind = no remorse ever = not a bad way to live, really, when you think about it, especially compared to the way society lives.

No matter how hard you try, you can never get your mind around the concept of infinity. Same for time travel!

We hold deeply irreconcilable attitudes about our parents.

Children have the capacity to both frighten and delight.

Nothing is more precious than the love of a Scottish playwright, cowboy poet, or shy cartoonist.

No amount of tear-stained recriminations can change the fact that a loving mother-daughter relationship is the world’s greatest gift.

As a rule, life’s greatest opportunities come most often to down-and-out insurance salesman, highway drifters, and car mechanics.