English Grammar 1
This program delves into verb tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, sentence structure, and more!

All the Troubles of the World: Issac Asimov
The sci-fi futurist envisioned a world where computers control weather and people too!

How to Become a SuperStar Student: Formal Essay
Students master the procedures of essay writing in this step-by-step program. Construct better outlines and thesis statements!

Master Poets: Tribute to Anonymous
Explore the numerous works by history’s most evasive poet!

King Lear: William Shakespeare
Laurence Olivier captures the hubris of the fallen king!

James and the Giant Peach: Roald Dahl
Terry Jumps into a huge peach and meets witty insects!

Master Poets: e.e.cummings
Your class will delve into the works of one of the most admired poets of all time! Students learn about his eccentric typography, the rhythm of words, and exaggerated punctuation!

Famous Authors: Samuel Johnson
This remarkable author wrote stories, essays, novels, newspaper articles, and even a dictionary!

Moby-Dick: Herman Melville
“Call me Ishmael.” These famous words begin one of the greatest seafaring sagas of all time!

Deep End of the Ocean: Jaquelyn Mitchard
A touching story of a missing boy rich in character development and full of intrigue!

Anne of Green Gables: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Follow Anne’s growth from orphan to woman in the beautiful Canadian countryside!

Jorge Luis Borges: Profile of a Writer
A great Hispanic figure!