1. You dress for dinner in order to provide a thin veneer of civilized society to your isolated, milestone-less existence. Only two other people, with whom you socialize during all your waking hours, see your outfit.

2. The household cook stockpiles supplies, which can be difficult to procure.

3. Visitors are rare and treated with skepticism.

4. Children are tutored at home.

5. Your biggest problem is that you have fallen in love with a rich yet seemingly unavailable man. And some people you know are big gossips.

6. Your biggest problem is that you live in a nation unprepared to combat a global health crisis due to the anti-scientific, anti-government selfishness and foolishness of an elected demagogue, and that your own life and the lives of your family and friends are at risk, and that thousands of people have already died, and thousands more will die, and many of these deaths were and are preventable.

- - -

Heroine in an English country house novel: 5
Member of a global pandemic household: 6
Both: 1-4