I am, in no particular order, a writer, producer, designer, strategist, coach, consultant, facilitator, creator of social ecosystems, inter-generational communicator, and inter-racial corporate mediator. I market products and produce markets. I also promote brands and brand promotions.

But at heart, what really gets me going is simple: Helping you tell your story. Have you ever heard of a little thing called the “Hero’s Journey”? I have. In fact, I practically wrote the thing. Give me some desire, throw in a few obstacles, and top it all off with a dash of transformation, and I think one word: YUMMY. I’m all about scintillating beginnings, sensual middles, and endings… don’t even get me started on endings. They’re the best part. Because, in a lot of ways, I think they’re really just new beginnings.

I know you’re probably thinking: “Okay Sarah, you’re a ‘storyteller.’ But who are you really?” Well, at heart, I’m a person. A human being, and, of course, the being is in the doing. I’m a human who loves helping other humans, using one simple trick that humans have done for nearly a century: telling stories around the campfire. Contrary to popular belief, stories are actually what humans really connect to. You can keep your facts and figures, but I’ll take a good story any day of the week. As humans, narrative is what gets us stimulated, aroused, literally one second away from climax.

I’m incredibly grateful to be passionate about what I do. And at this point, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You might say, “Well then I guess you don’t have a very good imagination!” You’re right; I don’t have a good imagination — I have a great one. A few years ago I imagined doing something called “following my bliss.” My bliss being telling stories. And now guess what I do? I tell stories. You see, I’m the same as John Updike, Steven Spielberg, J.K. Rowling, Toni Morrison, and Matt Groening. We all are obsessed with crafting stories. We are all exactly the same. They tell stories; I tell stories. They are storytellers at heart; I’m a storyteller at heart. David Copperfield, Jane Eyre, Zoolander, the Bible, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream speech” (so good), and the Facebook Contest Campaign I produced are all different versions of the same age-old thing: content. I have also planned over fourteen Google Corporate Events.

And I just feel immense gratitude. Deep down, Woody Allen, Cheryl Strayed (love her), e.e. cummings and I are all just humble vessels for the muse. Sometimes my muse will be something as simple as a funny thing that happened to me that day. Sometimes the muse is a specific beverage or pharmaceutical company. So lets spin yarns, tell tales down by the creek. And let’s do it together. Because humans are inherently social animals, and stories are the way we engage socially. Do you see what I have as my profile picture? A picture of me writing in a notebook. Because a picture is a great way of telling a story. And by me putting that picture there, it tells the story that I am a storyteller.

What I can promise you is work that is passionate, authentic, personal, vital, innovative, relevant, and engaging. The only thing I ask of you is a willingness to join me on a fun, exciting, sometimes messy ;) but always rewarding journey.

As legendary author Henry Miller said: “I write to discover what it is I want to write about.”

Let’s go discover that together.

Remember, our voices are how we choose to express ourselves to others.

Stories are the songs that we sing.