The Core: In a moment of heroic sacrifice, Delroy Lindo actually convinces himself that he should be the one to die instead of the white people that volunteered first.

Leviathan: Ernie Hudson makes it back to the ocean surface, the rescue chopper is in sight, but here comes the monster. Who does it pick to eat? Eenie, meenie, mienie, Ernie.

Alien: Yaphet Kotto, we hardly knew ye.

Aliens: The bugs kill off the entire group of black and Latino soldiers. They didn’t even get the honor of being chosen to be hosts. That, frankly, is disrespect.

Alien 3: At least Charles S. Dutton went out kicking.

Alien Resurrection: This movie should not have been made, but they do kill off that CSI guy with the dreadlocks. Let us never speak of it again.

Enemy Mine: They not only turn Louis Gosset Jr. into a monster, but they emasculate him by having him die during childbirth. Decent movie, though.

Forrest Gump: A towering performance by Mykelti Williamson, but alas, because he was the only black man in the movie, he had to die.

Predator: They put two black men in this one, and manage to kill them both off. Bill Duke dies as he waxes poetic about the beast, while future presidential hopeful Carl Weathers went out like the champ he was. And shall be again.

Deep Blue Sea: Samuel L. Jackson, a marine biologist, is taken down in one large—and quite surprising—bite by a supra-shark with a some kind of huge brain. Meanwhile, LL Cool J, who we expect to get it first, survives until the end. Which means that this movie shouldn’t be on the list. Sorry.