Side A

“Parisian,” Brent’s TV
“Hop With The Jet Set,” Dead Kennedys
“Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs,” The Cramps
“Moving,” Sarah Dougher
“New York City,” Cub
“Dandy,” Herman’s Hermits
“Girls Girls Girls (Part 2),” The Coasters
“War,” Edwin Starr
“Whole World Lost Its Head,” The Go-gos
“Da Da Da,” Elastica
“Head Of The Cult,” Kelley Deal 6000
“Readymade,” Beck
“Random Rules,” Silver Jews
“Gravity Decides,” Folk Implosion
“The Girl At The Bottom Of My Glass,” Nick Cave

- - -

Side B

“I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish,” The Smiths
“The Sound Of Broken Glass,” Phantom Surfers
“I’ve Been Broken (I’ve Been Fixed),” Beulah
“Second Hand Rose,” Fanny Brice
“Can’t Change My Style,” The Drags
“No New Tale To Tell,” Love And Rockets
“Idle Hands,” Murder City Devils
“I’m Broke,” Frankie Avalon
“Some Kinda Rich Girl,” Beer
“Big Boring Wedding,” Guided By Voices
“Divorce Song,” Liz Phair
“Deeper Into Movies,” Yo La Tengo
“Love Comes Creeping,” Gas Huffer
“Neat Little Domestic Life,” Of Montreal
“New Worship,” Sebadoh
“Statement Of Vindication,” Bikini Kill
“I’m Dead,” Spider Babies